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Nancy Watson

Nancy Watson

Princeton, NJ


I grew up in a small town in Penna., surrounded by fields and woodlands with wildflowers, so being a nature lover came naturally to me. A florist lived nearby who had planted a field with daffodils stretching out as far as I could see and that's where my love for flowers became magical. In school I was our class artist and often spent recess and lunch breaks decorating with seasonal themes. Later I won a prize in a painting contest called "the meaning of America" with a painting which became prophetic for me. I painted two children, one black, one white playing on a beach and I have lived thirty eight years of my life in communities that were predominately African American. After high school I attended the Philadelphia college of Art for a couple of years, then married and had a son and a daughter and motherhood became my occupation. A semester of classes which I took while the kids were young showed me that we weren't really happy with me doing both and I really didn't get back into art again until my kids were in college. Then I finished my BFA through Edison State college in NJ, taking graphics classes as electives and painting outdoors with a watercolorist, Ruth Robinson. I worked for a couple of years for WEC International and CLC Publications. Later I did work for my son who is with a group called "Inner change" and for a group called Tech Team. I also painted flowers for Encore Studios and sold some work privately. My work is realistic but not tight. I have found that I love the softness of watercolors, especially for flowers. I like a wide variety of subject matter and mediums and try to express my visual and emotional response to the subject. I am drawn in by the light or color or something symbolic. The world is full of wonder and I paint to express my feelings for it's beauty, it's common loveliness, and for it's tragedy as well.



winter fox by Nancy Watson


Fox by Nancy Watson



Grandpa John Perkins by Nancy Watson


Sweethearts at the beach by Nancy Watson


Morning, Lighthouse by Nancy Watson


Surf Play by Nancy Watson


September Song by Nancy Watson


Dressed in Winter White by Nancy Watson


Silent Night by Nancy Watson


Spring Crocus by Nancy Watson


Good Tidings by Nancy Watson


Yellow iris by Nancy Watson


Oriental lilies by Nancy Watson


Spruce Street Maples #2 by Nancy Watson


Spruce Street Maples by Nancy Watson


Amaryllis and Begonia by Nancy Watson


Fall light 2 by Nancy Watson


Curio shop by Nancy Watson


Tiger lily in dappled light by Nancy Watson


Hummingbird with Flowers by Nancy Watson


Tiger lily parachutes by Nancy Watson


Pink Stargazer Lilies by Nancy Watson


blue jar and butterfly by Nancy Watson


Yesterdays Beauties by Nancy Watson


Hope in troubled times by Nancy Watson


First Lady in blue by Nancy Watson


Ethiopean mother and child by Nancy Watson


Alpha and Omega by Nancy Watson


The Content of our Lives by Nancy Watson